Frank 151

Frank151 is more than a strong brand; it is a rapidly growing cultural icon. With the Frank Book as its centerpiece, the Frank151 movement is building a world wide fan base. The quartlery publication is centered around a current hot spot and give an insightful look into the culture behind the scenes.

The latest release focuses its attention around Los Angeles and specifically the Soul Assassins. This video features an interview with DJ Muggs of the world famous Cypress Hill.


"We get calls from different people, they see our dogs, they hear about our dogs, and they want a dog done, fully trained it’s just another piece of the puzzle, another brick in the wall of something we’re building. The business isn’t going to be the end all be all, but it’s another step in the evolution of the Soul Assassins. Eventually the kennel will be world renowned. That’s the plan."

~DJ Muggs




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